"Mikita is seriously obsessed with this!  It makes the toys he likes more exciting when its laid on top of them. He also likes hiding under it because he can see whats going on but thinks no one can see him!  The fun part is you can lay it on different things, put it in different places and it creates a whole new adventure. I think it makes him feel like a real hunter"  @chicagoblackcat

"CAM loving Sheer Fun for Cats..what a pawsome idea!" @coleandmarmalade

"This is one of Lulu's favorite toys.  It adds another level of excitement for old and new toys.  Plus she loves to drag it around and lay on it"  @mojoandlulu

"Tippi loves to set up her hunt behind Sheer Fun and run through it as she pounces on her prey! Mortimer loves to play with his saucer and ball toy with Sheer Fun draped on top. @fur_babyz

"Hang under a table or chair, it's a great hiding spot for a hide and seek game. Or wrap a toy that has always been ignored and it suddenly becomes irresistible! @jayorag

"Lovings this interactive game!  Its like wrestlings vith ein ghost!  @liladolf

"I think it's safe to say River LOVES her new toy!  She is having so much fun and it makes me so happy to see her play.  River says she is leaving her insecurities in the past and loving her new life of freedom, love and happiness"  @tomcatbelvedere

"This product will spice up your cats' forgotten toys, but the kittens also thought it was great on its own"  @veggiedayz

"You guys, I ain't joking when I tell you that this toy is da bomb diggety yo!!  My favorite way to play is drape it on the floor so I can slip and slide on it"  @sophie_the_model 

"UPDATE!  LOUIE LOVES IT! "  @dr.sniffins_dr.lickins

"The cats are really enjoying their toy to hide from and then pull sneak attacks on puppers"  @heyy_buuuuddy

"Johnny and June LOVE their Sheer sheet.  It really does turn old toys into new ones.  We give it 5 stars! "  @thejsmom

"It normally takes me a while to fall in love with a new toy, but not this one!" @zelda_themainecoon

"Mah faaavorite thing is when my meowm puts mah rattley mouse under my sheer fun!  @snootypuss

"The roller/saucer game is even more fun with Sheer Fun layed on top" @shannybeats

"Tetley carries around these little felts and leaves them for me, where I'm sitting or sleeping or at her food bowl.  Her little present. @tetleysfriends

"Azizi loves his new toy.  He's been hiding under it constantly since it arrived. Love it when a new toy quickly becomes a favorite." @mrvincentsparkles

"We're super excited about this new toy!  We absolutely love it! @hollyandoliver

"This is a really great toy for cats of all ages. Its given our young kitty Hazel and our 11 year old Truman something fun to do together. @rvtechs

"We seriously love Sheer Fun for Cats!  It really brings out a playful side in all the kitties" @mycat_george

"Our Caturday is off to a fun start, thanks to Sheer Fun. This toy is fun for the whole family" @blanketthecat

"My Sheer Fun for Cats curtain came today, and I literally grabbed it out of Mom's hand! Its fun when mom hides my toys under it! I love the curtain so much!" @indigo.bombay 

"She plays with it CONSTANTLY, lays on it, rolls around under it and wraps herself in a Sheer Fun cocoon. @lilliesninnies

"Thank you from my cats, who has been pouncing on the cloth and skidding across the floor since it arrived. And I thank you, as I think I may be able to get rid of the cat's former favorite distraction, shreds and shreds of tissue paper. (Kirsten and Greybeard the cat)

"Got my new Sheer Fun for Cats toy and I'm having so much fun with it! Meowny is happy because it's gotten me to play and bond more with my sisfur @siamese_sora  We love sliding on it when it's on the floor and running through it when it's hung up. The felt toys also slide so easily on our wooden floors! @jersey_kitty_luna